BMind, the world’s first smart mirror for mental wellness.

Revolutionizing Mental Wellness with the World’s First AI-Powered Smart Mirror

Daily health tech pioneer Baracoda unveiled BMind, the world’s first AI-powered smart mirror for mental wellness, acting as a health companion capable of identifying mood and helping manage stress. Built on a new generation smart mirror software from the CareOS platform, BMind provides personalized recommendations and experiences based on a user’s mental state, as part of a seamless, touchless experience with gesture recognition, voice command, and intent detection. BMind’s technology has recently been recognized with a 2024 Consumer Electronics (CES) Innovation Award in the smart home category.

Managing stress, soothing anxiety, and reducing insomnia all require an ally that helps people maintain a positive mindset and encourages a proactive approach to wellness. Unlike phone-based apps, BMind seamlessly fits into everyone’s bathroom, allowing users to evaluate their mental states and select recommended exercises and activities to elevate their moods. BMind gathers information without any invasive technology and helps users incorporate mindfulness practices into their daily routines or even curb feelings of loneliness through an immersive experience using light, sound, and visuals.

BMind is powered by Generative AI for conversation and coaching exercises as well as Natural Language Processing (NLP) for sentiment analysis. It identifies different sentiments and adapts to the user’s mood by providing light therapy sessions, and personalized, auto-generated mindfulness exercises such as guided meditation and self-affirmations. Through CareOS interface, BMind harnesses cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) and utilizes Computer Vision and Large Language Models to interpret expressions, gestures, and language.

BMind, the world’s first smart mirror for mental wellness.
BMind, the world’s first smart mirror for mental wellness.

BMind is built upon the CareOS, an operating system that enables manufacturers to create and power smart mirrors faster than ever before, and turn any screen into a smart mirror. It also allows third-party providers to connect their applications for display within the mirror’s interface. Among 40 providers already compatible with CareOSBMind partners with ThrivePal, an AI-powered coach that crafts bespoke programs for personalized self-improvement, and Inclusive Brains, a proprietary combination of generative AI and neurophysiology to empower devices to sense and adapt to how people feel in real-time. CareOS is a privacy-by-design platform that stores health and personal data locally and never shares it with any party without the user’s explicit request and consent.

“Technology that can monitor for subtle changes in health has the potential of improving the quality of millions of lives. Our mental state exerts a strong effect on our sense of physical well-being. Including mood in our daily wellness check-ins creates a fuller picture that represents a powerful step toward redefining preventative health.”

said Thomas Serval, CEO of Baracoda.

BMind is another example of Baracoda’s approach to daily health, which Baracoda believes will increasingly center design on blending into existing objects, fashion, and routines, making health technology more hassle-free and invisible. By removing the need for user intervention for software updates or data interpretation across its products, Baracoda designs more passive ways to keep tabs on health and to share data with healthcare providers and caregivers.