Benjamin Foucaud, a French designer and cabinet maker, at the forefront of high-end furniture and object craftsmanship.

Redefining High-End Furniture with a Craftsmanship Maestro’s Touch

Benjamin Foucaud is a designer and cabinet maker from France. After a successful career as a Creative Director in the digital industry, Benjamin shifted his focus towards crafting high-end furniture and objects for clients like Wes Anderson, drawn by his deep-seated passion for craftsmanship, a legacy deeply ingrained in his family.

Through his work, Benjamin practices design that explores new tensions. Rather than pitting elements against each other, he immerses himself in the delicate balance of chaos and logic, individuality and the world, truth and narratives, randomness and control, hope and tragedy. The diverse array of his creations reflects different formal responses, some born from chaos, presenting fresh design challenges, while others arise from joyous, unrestrained gestures. Historical myths and ornaments also inspire certain pieces, contributing to a body of work that is diverse, eclectic, and thought-provoking, where plurality and ambiguity reign supreme.

As a craftsman, I involve my hands, my tools to investigate the reality of my workshop in my design process as much as avoiding this reality through unorthodox creative processes, from daydream to synthography ( poorly explained as Artificial Intelligence ), so that I can be the channel for the tensions I explore, but also engage in my work as much of what I consider to be my Humanity.

Benjamin Foucaud

In this way, design becomes a craft, coexisting harmoniously with Benjamin’s handcrafted pieces, serving as both a practice and a tool for his transformation.