Piana Sleep and Dunya Camp Unite in a Vision for Sustainable Luxury Outdoor Lodging

Piana Sleep and Dunya Camp Unite in a Vision for Sustainable Luxury Outdoor Lodging

In a collaboration that melds centuries-old craftsmanship with cutting-edge sustainability, Piana Sleep, the avant-garde division of the venerable 441-year-old Piana Technology, announced its partnership with Dunya Camp, a rising star in the world of luxury glamping. This union connects Piana Sleep’s mastery in crafting high-quality, sustainable mattresses with Dunya Camp’s dedication to delivering outstanding outdoor experiences.

Central to the allure of each Piana Sleep mattress lies the revolutionary V/SMART technology. Beyond being a mere sleeping surface, these mattresses boast superior breathability, facilitating effective moisture management and active temperature regulation. Additionally, they incorporate silver-based antimicrobial technology, ensuring a hygienic and pristine sleep environment—a paramount consideration for the diverse weather conditions prevalent in outdoor settings.

Piana Sleep and Dunya Camp Unite in a Vision for Sustainable Luxury Outdoor Lodging
Dunya Camp partners with Piana Sleep for an elevated clamping experience.

The genesis of this partnership between Piana Sleep and Dunya Camp stems from a shared vision to infuse circular economy principles into the realm of hospitality. All Piana Sleep mattresses are devoid of foam, constructed from recycled materials, and are 100% recyclable. Piana Sleep’s commitment goes beyond manufacturing, as they pledge to reclaim each mattress at the end of its lifecycle, recycling them with zero waste—a testament to their dedication to sustainability.

Sangeetha Ramkumar, the visionary owner of Dunya Camp, reflects on their decision to choose Piana Sleep, stating, “Choosing Piana Sleep has been the best decision we have ever made. Our guests relish an experience that has proven transformative for outdoor lodging. It’s a choice that elevates their stay and upholds our commitment to their comfort.”

Both Piana Sleep and Dunya Camp are animated by the potential of this collaboration to redefine the landscape of outdoor lodging. One delighted guest attested, “I’ve traveled the world, but the bed at Dunya Camp is hands down the most comfortable I’ve ever slept in.”

Silvia Galasso, the astute executive vice president of Piana Sleep, remarks, “Dunya Camp is elated to seamlessly blend nature with comfort. This partnership propels Piana Sleep’s mission to innovate technologically in a manner that champions environmental stewardship.” This pioneering alliance between Piana Sleep and Dunya Camp not only revolutionizes outdoor lodging but sets a new standard for sustainability in the world of luxury hospitality.