OMNIRES Making a Splash at Salone del Mobile with “The Art of Water Design”

Polish bathroom and kitchen specialist OMNIRES is poised to take the international design world by storm. Debuting at this year’s prestigious Salone del Mobile trade show (April 16th-21st), OMNIRES will unveil their best-selling collections alongside a captivating design concept: “The Art of Water Design”. This theme promises to showcase the brand’s unique approach that seamlessly blends art, water, and responsible design principles.

Following their success at the Frankfurt ISH fair, OMNIRES’ participation in Salone del Mobile solidifies their international expansion and growing presence beyond Poland. The brand’s reputation extends far beyond individual homeowners, having garnered a loyal following among architects and construction professionals. OMNIRES’ extensive product line, encompassing everything from bathroom mixers and kitchen faucets to bathtubs, basins, showers, and accessories, has become a preferred choice for leading design studios in Poland and increasingly abroad. This trust is built upon OMNIRES’ 30+ year legacy of excellence and unwavering commitment to innovation. They consistently push boundaries with bold colour finishes and unique forms, allowing them to effortlessly adapt to evolving market trends and set new standards in bathroom and kitchen design.

Designed by the celebrated Łoskiewicz Studio, the OMNIRES stand at Salone del Mobile promises to be a multi-sensory experience. Divided into distinct zones, the stand will showcase the harmonious combination of art, water, and design. The exhibition space will utilize a dark colour scheme, creating an art gallery ambience that perfectly highlights OMNIRES’ products known for their unique aesthetics and thoughtful design. The central alley will guide visitors towards networking areas and a captivating art installation – a fountain built from SWITCH kitchen sink mixers utilizing filtered water. “The Art of Water Design” theme will truly come alive, with art flowing freely alongside the current of responsible design.

Paulina Shacalis & Janusz Langner
Paulina Shacalis & Janusz Langner

“When we design our spaces, we always aim to create an immersive experience where our products are not merely displayed but curated as functional art pieces. The minimalistic design enables us to thoughtfully showcase our offerings, creating a museum-like ambiance that invites visitors to explore the artistic essence inherent in each product,”

Paulina Shacalis, Managing and Creative Director of OMNIRES.

Stand D09, located in Hall 10, promises to offer all its visitors a journey through the world of diverse forms and innovative approaches to interior design. In addition to its functional value, “The Art of Water Design” will also act as an artistic medium. As part of this artistic concept, water will become one with applied arts, giving rise to a remarkable installation. The visual minimalism of the details, combined with exceptional colours, will likely delight even the most discerning visitors arriving at this famous Milanese trade show. The OMNIRES stand will introduce the guests to the potential offered by the combination of art, water and design. Why not mark the date in your calendar to open yourself up to the aesthetic experience offered by the OMNIRES brand in the everyday use of the bathroom and kitchen?