MyAir.0 Redefines Portability with an Origami-Inspired Design

Photo credit: myAir.0

MyAir.0 is an origami-inspired Bluetooth computer mouse based on the principle of folding. When unfolded, it is only 4.5 mm thick. It fits in any pocket without making it bulge. Once folded, it transforms into a full-size, fully functional mouse with a customizable button layout, mechanical buttons, and a scroll pad.

Designer Horace Lam took travel and convenience into consideration when he designed the mouse. It is lightweight and rechargeable, and it comprises eight faceted folds.

The mouse is made using vegan leather or textile for a premium look and feel. When it is fully constructed, it has a polygonal shape with a high level of durability. Once unfolded, it can be packed easily.

Weighing only 40 grams, myAir.0 looks more like an art object that one can carry in a pocket or a bag.

Using the same principles that give origami designs innate stability, this foldable mouse can withstand a lot of pressure from a hand without buckling from the weight. While it can handle a lot of pressure, a push at a specific spot collapses the structure back to its flat state. Moreover, the mouse promises an ergonomic design thanks to the polygonal structure inspired by the folds and facets of an origami object.