Meet the Team: Spotlight on D5’s Editorial Writer, Polya Pencheva

Meet the Team: Spotlight on D5’s Editorial Writer, Polya Pencheva

We’re thrilled to present the second interview in our “Meet the Team” series, featuring Polya Pencheva, our talented editorial writer. Polya is a passionate young journalist with a keen interest in exploring different cultures. Holding a master’s degree in Journalism from the University of Groningen, she enjoys covering topics such as travel, entertainment, and innovation.

Stay tuned for more engaging interviews with the rest of the D5 team, where each member will share their unique perspective and contributions that make our online magazine the go-to platform for design enthusiasts and professionals.

Meet the Team: Spotlight on D5’s Editorial Writer, Polya Pencheva

Can you tell us about your journey to becoming the editorial writer at D5 MAG?

My journey to becoming an editorial writer at D5 magazine has been a constant learning curve. It started with my passion for writing and journalism which led me to apply to try and become part of the team a year ago. After graduating, I embarked on a journey in journalism and what made me feel drawn to the magazine was the team’s commitment to thought-provoking content and storytelling. Currently, I am trying to apply not only the skills I acquired during my master’s but also learn new things about being a journalist and improve further.

How has your journalism degree influenced your storytelling approach?

My journalism degree allowed me to become a better listener and thus listen more carefully to what people tell me. In this way, I have the chance to ask follow-up questions and get a more personal side of the story. Additionally, I also learned I need to write simply. What I mean by this is that stories on the Internet are rarely read thoroughly and I have to tell them in a way that keeps the attention of the reader. Lastly, I think I discovered my preferences when it comes to topics to cover and the fact that I really enjoy interviewing people.

As someone with Bulgarian roots living in the Netherlands, how does your multicultural background help you connect with diverse audiences?

I think that it is very easy for me to empathize with other foreigners in the Netherlands but also people who live in other countries. I enjoy meeting and talking to people and predisposing them to tell me about their lives. I also have the feeling that being abroad for such a long time made me a very open-minded person who is open to experiencing new cultures, trying new things out, learning languages, and just having fun. I believe that to tell a good story to the audience you have to see them as if you were telling a story to a friend in a bar.

What new design trends are you currently interested in, and what about them captures your attention?

Recently I wrote quite a lot of stories about sustainability design and incorporating more environmentally friendly materials in architecture and interior design. Before I became a writer for D5 I didn’t even know about how these things, but it is really interesting to see and understand what people do to help the planet. Another trend I found particularly interesting is the peach fuzz color becoming so popular in the design world. As a person who is so fond of pink and all hues and shades this was something that captured my interest.

Beyond your professional life, what do you enjoy doing in your free time? 

This is a question I can reply to until tomorrow but to keep it short I enjoy reading and traveling. Recently I have been trying to get more into non-fiction books because I think there are many people whose works are worth reading and they have interesting things to say. And generally, I enjoy reading everything – from classical literature to comics and news articles. As long as it could be read – I would be willing to give it a try. In this sense, I am quite fond of Japanese author Haruki Murakami.

When it comes to traveling, I really enjoy going to new places, tapping into foreign cultures, trying new food, and experiencing things I am not familiar with. On this year’s list for now is Paris and I am more than excited.