M&O 2024 Designer of the Year, Mathieu Lehanneur, amidst his creations echoing the theme TECH EDEN. Photo by Felipe Ribon.

Maison&Objet’s 30th Anniversary Edition, January 18-22, 2024

Header: M&O 2024 Designer of the Year, Mathieu Lehanneur, amidst his creations echoing the theme TECH EDEN. Photo by Felipe Ribon.

In 2024, Maison&Objet, the renowned showcase of French-inspired excellence in home décor, design, and lifestyle, celebrates its 30th anniversary. This milestone is not just a reflection of the past but a journey into a re-enchanted future where technology and nature harmonize seamlessly. The theme for this significant year is “TECH EDEN,” challenging the antithesis and exploring a utopian vision across interior architecture, retail, and hospitality.

“Maison&Objet is more attentive than ever to its customers and their needs, positioning itself at the heart of key challenges, now and in the future, by connecting creativity, innovation and eco-responsibility. Our ambition is to illustrate all the opportunities available to the home décor, design and lifestyle sector, and actively support its development. This is reflected in the quality of the programme of events for the upcoming edition: the Designer of the Year’s innovative project, the development of a What’s New? space providing concrete responses to the challenges in retail, and the Hospitality Lab, embodying a unique forward-looking vision of the hybridization of hospitality venues. ”

Mélanie Leroy, Managing Director of Maison&Objet

Collaborating with creative strategy agency Peclers Paris, Maison&Objet envisions TECH EDEN as an opportunity to highlight the evolution in the relationship between science and nature, projecting it into a sustainable and desirable future. Through scenographic interpretations, TECH EDEN invites professionals to rethink spatial design, embracing technological innovation and innovative aesthetic and environmental approaches.

The Pema

The theme is not merely a projection of futuristic ideals; it’s rooted in the evolving narrative of science fiction. As societal crises reinforce the need for comfort in our spaces, cutting-edge technologies respond with new services inspired by nature. This includes groundbreaking projects like Once Upon a Dream, a capsule room designed by Mathieu Lehanneur for Hôtel de Marc, focusing on artificial and programmable management of natural day/night cycles for restorative sleep.

Jean-Louis Frechin, director and founder of NoDesign.net, emphasizes the fusion between the natural environment and technology in the Anthropocene era. He states, “It is through physics, scientific phenomena, and the right technologies that designers will be able to develop sustainable and balanced solutions.”

The narrative of TECH EDEN embraces biophilic design, sustainable experiments, and technological advancements, creating an emerging tribe connected through social media. In this hyper-connected world, virtual tours and 3D augmented-reality glasses coexist with aromatherapy and light therapy, stimulating all five human senses in the hospitality venues of tomorrow.

Dune Holo chair

The “What’s New? In Retail?” space has evolved into a think-tank for the omni-channel distribution sector. François Delclaux presents three major trends: sustainable minimalism, responsible brutalism, and organic fluidity. The home, transformed by remote working and e-commerce, becomes a soothing cocoon, while the hospitality sector offers escape pods embodying facets of a constantly evolving and immersive experience.

As Maison&Objet’s TECH EDEN unfolds, it encapsulates not only the celebration of 30 years but also a profound exploration of a future where design, technology, and nature converge harmoniously. The show’s activities, events, and immersive experiences promise to inspire and shape the trajectory of the home décor, design, and lifestyle industry for years to come.

Date: JANUARY 18-22, 2024 

Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre

Opening hours:
Thursday to Sunday, 9.30am to 7pm..
Monday: 9.30am to 6pm.