LIT Lighting Design Awards Gala 2024 Highlights Excellence in Global Lighting Design

LIT Lighting Design Awards Gala Highlights Excellence in Global Lighting Design

The LIT Lighting Design Awards Gala, a prestigious event honoring the brightest minds in the lighting industry, took place on the 20th of June at the historic Banking Hall in London. With 180 of the world’s most influential lighting designers in attendance, the elegant evening celebrated the remarkable achievements of the 2022 and 2023 program winners, showcasing their outstanding contributions to architectural, product, and entertainment lighting design.

LIT Lighting Design Awards Gala 2024 Highlights Excellence in Global Lighting Design

The ceremony commenced with an introduction by Hossein Farmani and Astrid Hébert, setting the stage for a night of recognition and inspiration. Highlighting the global impact of lighting design, Farmani remarked, “Your presence here is a testament to your commitment to pushing the boundaries of lighting design, showcasing innovative solutions, and embracing sustainability practices with passion.”

The Lifetime Achievement Awards were a highlight of the evening, honoring Patrick Woodroffe for his career and transformative contributions to the entertainment lighting field, and Roger Narboni, acknowledging his profound impact on today’s urban lighting design, and his pioneering work on the concept of “dark corridors.”

The DarkSky organization received the Spotlight Prize for the organization’s dedication to preserving the natural night sky. Meanwhile, Mark Stanley, the co-founder of The Studio School of Design, was honored for the non-profit’s commitment to promoting inclusive education in lighting design.

The ceremony featured a lineup of distinguished winners, including ERRELUCE for Architectural Lighting Design of the Year 2023 for their work at the IronPlate Restaurant and Hydrel for Lighting Product Design of the Year 2023 with their FLAME Lighting Technique. The event also honored past winners such as L’Observatoire International and Expolight, underscoring their ongoing impact on the industry. Among the celebrated companies were Raiden Studios Ltd, Light in Space Limited, ambience, Chelline Design, FerryGunawanDesigns, Luminum GmbH, Vivalyte BV, CeeKayEllo Limited, Hoare Lea, Lighting Design International, Office for Visual Interaction Inc., IFI architectural lighting works, PAAT STUDIO, Cia. dos Imaginários, Edison Price Lighting, Steensen Varming, Eleftheria Deko & Associates Lighting Design, MARABA STUDIO, Beersnielsen Lighting Designers, Marco Miglioli ArchiLight Studio and more.

The event was graced by influential figures like Randy Reid, a pivotal voice in lighting with decades of industry leadership, Esther Torelló, founder of Lightecture and advocate for creative lighting solutions, Mark Major, renowned for his transformative urban lighting projects, Sally Storey, a leading UK lighting expert known for her pioneering residential and commercial designs, and Katia Kolovea, an advocate for emerging talent and impactful lighting experiences globally. Their presence underscored the awards’ commitment to honoring outstanding achievements and advancing lighting design innovation worldwide.

Astrid Hébert, co-host of the event, expressed gratitude to these esteemed jury members whose expertise and dedication ensured the success of the awards ceremony.

We are truly amazed by the incredible talent and creativity showcased at tonight’s event,” she remarked. “Having so many of the world’s most innovative designers under one roof is truly inspiring. I am thrilled that LIT Lighting Design Awards continues to celebrate excellence and brings the best minds together, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in lighting design.

Astrid Hébert

The attendees were treated to a sumptuous 3-course dinner reception—a perfect opportunity for professionals and students to connect. As the night concluded, the excitement lingered with great networking opportunities and drinks. The atmosphere was truly festive, ensuring everyone had a delightful time. 

The evening’s official media partners were D5Magazine, DesignWanted, and V2com.

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