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LIT Design Awards is Joining the Women in Lighting (WIL) as a 50/50 Supporter

The LIT Lighting Design Awards is joining the Women in Lighting (WIL) initiative as a supporting program having a 50/50 gender balance when selecting our jury members.

Women in Lighting received the 2020 SPOTLIGHT prize at the LIT Design Award 2020, dedicated to rewarding an organization or project which carries out remarkable work for its community, and for being a major contributor in the lighting industry.

About Women in Lighting

International lighting designers and light activists, Light Collective launched the project Women in Lighting on International Women’s Day in 2019. It is a celebratory project that set out to create an inspirational digital platform for women working in the architectural lighting industry to promote their passion and achievements, narrate their career path and goals, celebrate their work and elevate their profile in the lighting community.

Women in Lighting consists primarily of a website with a database of interviews with women from around the world. Starting with lighting designers, the scope has expanded to include women in all aspects of lighting – education, journalism, manufacturing, art, and research. The project has already gathered support from individual female designers in over 70 different countries. These “ambassadors” are a point of contact in each location for other women seeking to find out more about the project.  Initially started as it was evident that female participation in conferences, committees, juries and panels was underrepresented, the main aim was that as there are approximately 50% of female lighting designers, they get 50% visibility.

Women in Lighting is not about gender inequality but about inclusivity and how this is beneficial to the profession as a whole. The project is supported by Formalighting and Archifos.