KIDZ Studio Creates a Delightful Oasis for Tea Lovers in Dubai

KIDZ Studio Creates a Delightful Oasis for Tea Lovers in Dubai

Dubai’s latest PIMS tea cafe has made quite a splash, offering a refreshing escape with its delightful tea-based drinks in the heart of the city. The KIDZ studio has artfully crafted an interior that embodies the essence of ‘freshness’ – a perfect match for the vibrant and warm Dubai climate.

Stepping into the cafe, a gentle sea breeze seems to envelop you, emanating from the wavy textured metal rack in calming turquoise hues, the central visual highlight of the space. The design integrates various elements – from round tables resembling islands to lamps suspended on a single zigzag-shaped pipe, a rail for visitors’ belongings, and the brand’s merchandise – all unified by a consistent metal aesthetic. The dark-colored floor transitions gracefully into the light ceiling through gradient-adorned walls, creating a harmonious flow. Radius bends at the corners effortlessly connect the vertical walls with the ceiling.

In terms of functionality, the interior is intelligently zoned. The artificial lighting is concentrated around the bar, the epicenter of drink-making magic. An open kitchen area allows curious patrons to witness the creation of delectable treats. The layout caters to different visitor preferences, offering a cozy bar counter for those seeking solitude and a communal table for those eager to engage in tea-tasting camaraderie.

Given the perpetual summer climate, the design takes advantage of the opportunity to infuse more air into the space. Floor-to-ceiling sliding stained glass windows open up to a terrace, seamlessly connecting the indoor and outdoor spaces. The play of natural light from the terrace mirrors the interior lines, creating a cohesive design.

KIDZ Studio Creates a Delightful Oasis for Tea Lovers in Dubai

The terrace, a friendly extension of the cafe, extends an inviting gesture, allowing patrons to ‘step out onto the street.’ Located near one of Dubai’s most beautiful beaches – JBR – the cafe becomes an ideal post-swim destination.

Photo: Sergey Melnikov