JU-NNA SS24 Collection Blending Sustainability with Shibori Elegance

JU-NNA SS24 Collection Blending Sustainability with Shibori Elegance

While trends come and go, JU-NNA emerges as a fresh voice in the world of eco-conscious design. Established in 2019 by Jun Nakamura, a graduate of the prestigious Istituto Marangoni fashion design womenswear program, the brand seamlessly weaves traditional Japanese techniques with contemporary design, creating a fusion that is both visually captivating and ecologically responsible.

Jun Nakamura’s journey began in the heart of Japan’s rich textile heritage, where valuable experience was gained in the Japanese kimono industry. This background became the wellspring of inspiration for JU-NNA, leading to the incorporation of traditional Japanese Shibori into the brand’s collections. However, Nakamura’s vision wasn’t content with mere replication; it sought to breathe new life into this time-honored craft.

Shibori, a meticulous Japanese art form traditionally used to craft kimonos, involves the labor-intensive process of binding fabrics by hand, one tiny bit at a time. The outcome is nothing short of exquisite, but it’s also incredibly time-consuming. Shibori artisans typically start honing their craft from a young age, passing down their heritage through generations. However, as the popularity of kimonos wanes and artisans age, the Shibori tradition faces a perilous threat.

JU-NNA, under Nakamura’s visionary leadership, has stepped in to bridge the gap between tradition and innovation. They’ve embarked on the groundbreaking journey of translating Shibori patterns onto printed fabrics, a novel experiment for the artisans. The focus lies on the fresh aesthetics that emerge when Shibori patterns intersect with prints and the mesmerizing 3D shapes that Shibori can produce.

For the SS24 collection, shown at the London Fashion Week, JU-NNA draws inspiration from the beguiling sculpture “Alternating Rhythm” by Maria Bartuszová and the undulating waves found in water bodies worldwide. This synthesis marries the artistic essence of London’s vibrant fashion scene with the serene elegance of Japanese design. The result is a tapestry woven with cultural influences, vividly reflected in the nail designs meticulously crafted by Soukashi Team Japan.

What truly sets the collection apart is its fresh take on Shibori. Each design in this collection showcases brand-new Shibori patterns specifically engineered to embrace the contours of the human body. This innovative approach marks a significant turning point for the Shibori tradition, as it reimagines its application in modern fashion.

Furthermore, the collection embraces sustainability with open arms. Unique sheer jersey and organza fabrics, alongside organic cotton and recycled materials, find their place among the meticulously crafted Shibori pieces. JU-NNA’s commitment to eco-conscious materials underscores its dedication to a sustainable future for fashion.

In the SS24 collection, JU-NNA invites us into a world where ancient Japanese Shibori craft meets modern design seamlessly. Here, sustainability isn’t just a word; it’s at the heart of creativity, reminding us that fashion can be both innovative and eco-friendly. JU-NNA isn’t just a brand; it’s proof that tradition and sustainability can make runway magic.