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Joybird’s 3D Cloud Room Scanner Helping you Create a Floor Plan 10x Faster

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Joybird, a unit of La-Z-Boy Incorporated and manufacturer and retailer of customisable, modern upholstered furniture, announces the full integration of 3D Cloud™ Room Scanner technology into its online 3D Space Planner tool. Joybird is the first furniture retailer to offer this integrated 3D floor plan creation experience to customers.

“Joybird is setting a precedent in the furniture industry.”

Beck Besecker, CEO and Co-Founder of 3D Cloud by MarxeNt.

The 3D Cloud Room Scanner technology enables Joybird customers to create a floor plan 10x faster than traditional measuring, recreating a room in three dimensions in just minutes. It leverages advanced algorithms to precisely capture room dimensions, layouts, and existing furniture, allowing users to virtually design and arrange Joybird’s modern furniture pieces within their actual living spaces. Here’s what home design professionals and DIYers can expect:

  • Accurate room measurements. Easily measure a room in minutes, including doorways, to ensure Joybird furniture fits perfectly.
  • No download needed. Select the 3D Room Scanner from Joybird’s Free Design Services and scan the QR code. Use a current model iPhone or iPad to launch the app.
  • Realistic visualizations.  Upload the floorplan to 3D Space Planner and design a space with Joybird products, then instantly render the design into a photorealistic image. Add in the Modular Sofa Builder tool for a visual of the perfect, custom modular sofa in that 3D space.
  • Interactive design experience. Experiment with different furniture styles and configurations, and add the pieces you love directly to your cart.
Photo credit: Joybird
Photo credit: Joybird

Joybird’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has positioned the company as an industry leader in the online furniture shopping landscape. With the integration of 3D Cloud Room Scanner technology, Joybird is elevating the standard for virtual furniture shopping experiences, empowering customers to make informed decisions and to personalise their living spaces, always knowing that the furniture that they select will fit in the door and work in their space.

“Shoppers want furniture that fits, and they don’t want to tussle with tape measures. Congrats to the team behind this groundbreaking integration,” said Beck Besecker, CEO and Co-Founder of 3D Cloud by Marxent.

The 3D Room Scanner joins the 3D Space Planner and Modular Sofa Builder. The Modular Sofa Builder tool provides real-time customisation to mix and match components to build a customised couch, loveseat, sectional sofa, or double-sided lounger.

“Joybird understands that our customers carefully and meticulously design their personal space, which is why we’re rolling out new digital design tools to make choosing the perfect furniture and accessories with confidence easier,” said Gerardo Ornelas, Vice President of Joybird. “The 3D Cloud Room Scanner makes it easy for customers to grab their phone, scan the space, and have accurate measurements. It offers peace of mind and assurance in buying decisions because they know their measurements are correct! We are thrilled to be the first in the industry to integrate 3D Cloud Room Scanner technology into our 3D Space Planner. It sets the experience of shopping with Joybird apart from the competition.”

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