International Design Awards Highlight Solutions for Real-World Challenges

A handful of designers, thinkers, and entrepreneurs responded to a lack of recognition and a desire to celebrate smart and sustainable multidisciplinary designs by creating the International Design Awards (IDA) in 2007. Since then, the IDA has grown into a symbol of excellence in the design world, showcasing the best and brightest talents from around the globe.

The 17th edition of the IDA continued this tradition of excellence, attracting thousands of submissions across five design disciplines. From architectural marvels to cutting-edge fashion creations, the IDA jury had the daunting task of evaluating entries that pushed the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

“The IDA has always been about seeking out truly visionary designers showcasing creativity and innovation. The Awards continued to attract thousands of entries in 2023, and the jury had an enormous task in selecting the winners from some truly outstanding design submissions.”

Jill Grinda, VP of Marketing and Business Development for the IDA.

In architectural design, entries captivated with their bold visions and innovative approaches to space. Interior designs transformed mundane spaces into works of art, while graphic designers dazzled with their ability to communicate complex ideas with clarity and creativity. Fashion designers impressed with their fusion of sustainability and style, while product designers showcased groundbreaking solutions to real-world problems.

“What stands out is the genuine consideration for the impact on nature and communities, showcasing a heightened awareness and responsibility among participants. Serving as a juror connects me with a global network of talents, enabling collaborative efforts and co-creation with like-minded individuals worldwide. It’s a source of inspiration and motivation as I contribute to the discourse on viable and impactful design solutions.”

IDA Jury member Carolina Tinoco, Architect, Designer, Curator & Consultant in Eco-Design & Social Impact Initiatives,

And the winners of the 2023 International Design Awards have been revealed! These remarkable individuals and teams have exemplified excellence, innovation, and creativity across various design disciplines. Let’s take a closer look at their outstanding achievements:

IDA Architectural Design of the Year 2023

  • Project: The Perelman Performing Arts Center
  • Lead Designer: Joshua Ramus
  • Location: New York
  • Client: The Perelman Performing Arts Center at the World Trade Center
  • Entry Description: The Perelman Performing Arts Center stands as the cultural cornerstone of the World Trade Center site, wrapped in translucent marble that adapts to its environment during the day and emanates a unique glow at night. Offering adaptability like no other, its three venues boast ten proportions and 62 stage-audience configurations, ranging from intimate settings to grand productions.
Photos by Iwan Baan
Photo by Iwan Baan

IDA Product Design of the Year 2023

  • Product: AirOwater-water dispenser by fusodesign
  • Lead Designer: Ivan Vecchia
  • Entry Description: AirOwater is a revolutionary appliance that harvests and purifies moisture from the air, providing clean drinking water in areas facing water scarcity. Its innovative design incorporates condensation collection, filtration, and purification, offering a sustainable solution to address pressing environmental challenges.
AirOwater-water dispenser
AirOwater-water dispenser

IDA Fashion Design of the Year 2023

  • Design: Maayama-li Dress by Maara Collective
  • Lead Designer: Julie Shaw (in collaboration with Bula’Bula Arts)
  • Weavers: Mary Dhapalany, Evonne Munuyngu, Lisa Gurrulpa, Serena Gubuyani and Margaret Malibirr.
  • Entry Description: The Maayama-li Dress, a collaborative effort between designer Julie Shaw and Aboriginal weavers, embodies the convergence of high fashion and Indigenous art. Crafted using traditional weaving techniques and sustainable materials, it represents a celebration of cultural heritage and creative expression.
Photo images by Daphne Nguyen, Petrina Tinslay
Photo images by Daphne Nguyen, Petrina Tinslay

IDA Interior Design of the Year 2023

  • Project: Hangzhou M2 Art Center by SpActrum and Guan Xiaohao 
  • Lead Designers: Yan Pan, Guan Xiaohao
  • Location: Hangzhou, China
  • Entry Description: Formerly a fitness club with a sunken pool, the M2 Art Centre underwent a remarkable transformation into a dynamic space for photography exhibitions and events. Using irregular curved surfaces creatively, the design team maximized space utilization to foster interaction and dynamics. The SpActrum concept prompts reflection on women and marriage choices, aiming to inspire self-awareness and self-care, challenging preconceived notions.
Photo by: SFAP
Photo by: SFAP

IDA Graphic Design of the Year 2023

  • Project: Rhythmic Structure of Typography
  • Lead Designer: Yiwen Zhang
  • Entry Description: Inspired by punk culture, the Rhythmic Structure of Typography project explores the intersection of art, music, and mental health. Through innovative visual language and interactive design, it provides a creative outlet for self-expression and exploration, challenging conventional norms in graphic design.
Rhythmic Structure of Typography
Rhythmic Structure of Typography

Among the emerging talents, Rekit by Ahmet Ergun, Stefano Balzan, and Yutong Zhang from  Central Saint Martins – University of The Arts London stands out, offering a sustainable toolkit for children to repurpose materials creatively. PURE by Yao Dai presents an innovative solution to Singapore’s freshwater scarcity, while Ngali: Retail Space as Art by Nivedhitha Ravi from the New York School of Interior Design transforms retail space into an immersive celebration of Indigenous art. Humanesque by Nathan Batra from Savannah College of Art and Design merges medical science with fashion design, and The Celestial Archivist by Aarushi Menon explores paper’s role in preserving humanity’s history. Additionally, People’s Choice winners include remarkable projects such as ‘Sulis: Hydrotherapy Centre and Spa’ by Alanis Baez Colon and ‘Museum of Moving Images: World of Fantasy Animation’ by Amina Shinassylova, among others, each making significant impacts in their respective fields.

Explore all the winners on the IDA website. Congratulations to all the winners of the 2023 International Design Awards for their outstanding contributions to the world of design!