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Inside the Luxurious Homes of Hollywood Icons

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Discovering the homes of world-known celebrities offers a glimpse into their lives beyond the screen. Each one of them tells a different story and gives us the chance to learn a bit more about the actual person who inhabited the space. These properties reflect their personalities and the rhythms of their lives. The homes are more than mere buildings, they are extensions of their occupants, full of memories and unforgettable experiences.

In this story, we’re going to embark on a journey through the dwellings of famous names just as Fredy Mercury, Judy Garland, Travis Kelce, Jim Carrey, and Zsa Zsa Gabor.

Judy Garland‘s House

Located in one of Bel-Air’s most prestigious neighborhoods and near the Bel-Air Country Club, and the Getty Art Museum, the traditional-style home is tucked behind tall hedges on over two acres of lush landscaping and manicured topiaries. It is the home that Judy Garland bought in 1938 – the same year she turned 16 and was signed to star in The Wizard of Oz.

Built by Wallace Neff, the architect-to-the-stars who designed homes for Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, and Fredric March, Judy Garland lived in the home for a few years with her mother and sisters.

Photo credit: Paul Barnaby

The home includes five en-suite bedrooms and six-and-a-half baths. Although the house has been meticulously updated, it retains some of the 1930s classic Old Hollywood features such as the curved staircase and iron railing from the entry foyer to the second floor. The home has a generously sized living room, several black marble fireplaces, a sunroom, dark hardwood floors, a large bay window, molded walls, and a touch of Art Deco ambiance. There is an extra-large chef’s kitchen with a marble island and top-of-the-line appliances, a dining room, an office, a dressing room, dual walk-in closets, and several conversation areas.

The exterior of the building includes a tree-framed entrance, backyard-rolling grass hills, a large brick-lined patio for entertaining friends or large groups, a unique vine-covered railing and brick steps that transverse the rolling hills, and an extravagant in-ground pool.

Zsa Zsa Gabor’s Palm Springs Pink House

Zsa Zsa Gabor, a Hungarian celebrity, competed in beauty pageants and appeared in films such as Moulin Rouge and We’re Not Married!. However, she is best known for her luxurious lifestyle, she dated numerous high-powered men and hosted glamourous soirees.

She used to live in a home built for Magda Gabor in 1964, which later became Zsa Zsa’s home after Magda died in 1997. The Palm Springs estate has been well maintained, preserving the one-of-a-kind Gabor glamour present in every room, including many original furnishings. Seated atop a hill in the upscale Palm Springs neighborhood of Little Tuscany, the home offers 360-degree mountain and city views.

Zsa Zsa Gabor celebrity Home
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Featuring black-and-gold, hand-carved double doors, the bubble gum pink exterior is a lavish combination of comfort and extravagance. The living and dining rooms offer elegant chandeliers, mirrored walls, and a grand piano. Moreover, the kitchen features Viking appliances and original Hungarian rotisseries. The main suite is extremely luxurious, featuring unique botanical wallpaper and gold accents. It includes a sitting room, a makeup room, a dressing room, a shower, and an oversized tub. There are also two additional bedrooms and a bathroom which have their unique style.

Fredy Mercury’s Garden Lodge

Freddie Mercury passed away in 1991 but his music lives on. Mercury left his London home, Garden Lodge, to his former partner and longtime friend Mary Austin.

Garden Lodge is a Neo-Georgian mansion that was Mercury’s country house in the Kensington neighborhood, London. Garden Lodge‘s centerpiece is a two-story drawing room, which once housed the grand piano on which Mercury composed his signature hit, “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Every room is infused with Mercury’s personality, namely design choices which include citrus-toned yellow walls in the dining room and floor-to-ceiling mirrors in the dressing room. Moreover, French doors lead from the Japanese sitting room to the beautiful gardens.

Kensington is an upscale London neighborhood known for its Victorian homes. Popular with celebrities, some of the notable residents of the neighborhood include Rowan Atkinson, Stella McCartney, and Eric Clapton.

Fredy Mercury celebrity home
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Jim Carrey’s Home

Jim Carre’s 12,700-square-foot home has five bedrooms, six bathrooms, three half-baths, and high-beam ceilings. It is located in Brentwood, a neighborhood that Carrey called home for 30 years.

The home has plenty of amenities such as an art-deco style theatre with mohair-covered sofas, an extravagant marble bathroom, and Carrey’s movie memorabilia at the bar. Moreover, natural light is present in every room, especially the living room. Besides the large windows, there are skylights in the ceilings.

The primary suite has a private patio, a fireplace, and an ensuite with white marble countertops, rich wood paneling, and a soaking tub.

Outside there are lush gardens with mature trees surrounding the property for added privacy. There are also vegetable gardens for growing produce and paths that lead to a yoga and meditation platform.

Travis Kelce’s Mansion

Kansas City Chief, Travis Kelce, recently bought a mansion in Kansas City. The 17,000-square-foot home is found in a gated community inside the suburb of Leawood. The mansion offers privacy as well as plenty of amenities and space. It has six bedrooms and six bathrooms as well as a chef’s kitchen, formal dining room, media lounge, wine cellar, and a bar.

The backyard has a “Beverly Hills-style” pool, inviting relaxation with its pristine waters and vibrant flower beds.

The interior includes arched windows which allow sunlight to bathe the dining rooms, showcasing the vibrant indoor plants. There are also skylights in the living room which allow sunlight streams to highlight the chic décor. The space is designed for comfort while radiating modern elegance.

The mansion’s full bar, adorned with rich wood and classic ambience, offers an intimate setting for a nightcap or entertaining guests. Additionally, wooden lattice panels line the ceiling of the wine cellar where bottles nestle in custom shelving.

Final Thoughts…

From the Victorian charm of Garden Lodge to the contemporary modernism of Jim Carrey’s Brentwood home, each home is a reflection of the individuality and legacy of its famous occupant. The above-mentioned homes are proof that behind the glitter and glamour, there are personal stories intertwined with cherished memories and timelessness. These homes are not only an expression of lavishness, but they are also a testament to the passion for creativity that accompanies some of the most beloved world celebrities.