Photo Credit: Cappucciodesignstudio

Innovation Meets Inspiration! 6 Award-Winning Products for a Smarter, Healthier Home

The European Product Design Award (EPDA) celebrates the efforts of talented international product designers who aim to improve our daily lives with their practical, well-thought-out creations. Let’s explore six award-winning products recognized by the EPDA and discover how industrial designers are revolutionizing our living spaces – all while embracing sustainability, style, and a sense of calm and comfort.

Briiv Air Filter (Winner in ECO DESIGN/Sustainable: Home Products)

  • Company: Five Create, United Kingdom
  • Lead Designer: James Whitfield
  • Design Team: Sean Sykes

    Briiv is a new take on the air purifier, a revolutionary home product that ditches traditional HEPA filters by utilizing renewable and natural materials for an innovative approach. Briiv’s filters of moss, coconut husk and a bespoke nano-matrix filter quickly and effectively remove pollutants from the air. Concerned about environmental impact? Briiv is made up of 90% natural materials and features biodegradable filters, minimizing landfill waste. Plus, Briiv is as powerful as 3,043 medium-sized houseplants – that’s a breath of fresh air without the constant maintenance!

    Lei Light Reflection (Top Design Winner in HOME (Household Products)/Home Lighting: Designer/Custom Lighting)

    • Company: SOL style, Japan
    • Lead Designer: Yu Ito
    • Design Team: Yoshimi Kemmotsu, Yasuyuki Nagato
    • Client: Antbee Co., Ltd.

      Looking to create a personalized and calming atmosphere in your home? Lei Light Reflection has more functions than just simple illumination, functioning as a lamp, aroma diffuser, and mirror all in one. The design reuses reflected light within its oval frame, casting a soft and beautiful glow that won’t overwhelm your eyes. For added ambience, you can choose from 3 colour temperatures and adjust the light intensity to suit your mood. And if you enjoy aromatherapy, the Lei Light Reflection incorporates an international patent pending technology utilizing capillary action on the aluminium matrix to diffuse your favourite scents.

      Teka Mastersense Air (Winner in HOME (Household Products)/Kitchen: Cooktop & Ovens and Hoods)

      • Company: Teka Group, Spain
      • Lead Designer: Leonardo Capelas Romeu
      • Design Team: Teka Design Team
      • Client: Teka Appliances

        Say goodbye to lingering cooking smells! The Teka Mastersense Air tackles this common kitchen challenge with its advanced features. It has the most advanced cooking aid systems on the market thanks to the combination of automatic cooking functions and its integrated extraction hood. Depending on your ventilation setup, you can choose internal extraction that directly vents odours outside, or recirculation that purifies the air and returns it to your kitchen. But functionality isn’t the only thing on the menu – the Mastersense Air has a sleek, elegant glass ceramic hood design that adds a touch of sophistication to any kitchen. It’s a win-win for both convenience and style.

        Yale Smart Alarm (Winner in HOME (Household Products)/Home: Security System)

        • Company: Yale, United Kingdom
        • Lead Designer: Perla Munoz
        • Design Team: In House design: Perla Munoz, John Oliver, Fabrice Estornel. Design agency: Dolmen Design and Innovation

        Who says security systems can’t be stylish? The Yale Smart Alarm is a sleek and user-friendly security system that prioritizes both function and style. Featuring a signature Yale design with rounded corners, the Smart Alarm will fit any home décor. Don’t be fooled by its good looks, the alarm is packed with functionality. Easy to set up with Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity, the system allows you to monitor your home in real time through the Yale Home app and receive instant alerts if the alarm sensors are triggered.

        Run (Winner in HOME (Household Products)/Home: Heating and Air Conditioning)

        • Company: Cordivari Srl, Italy
        • Lead Designer: Cordivari Srl
        • Design Team: Cordivari Design

          The elegance and minimalism of a design project meet technology and performance in the new Cordivari Design Run hot and cold fan coil. This design combines minimalist aesthetics with high-performance functionality. The ultra-slim fan coil is also silent, ensuring a peaceful environment while efficiently maintaining your desired temperature. The design of the Run fan coil stands out for the sequence of vertical lines that run on the front of the fan coil, creating a symmetrical play of light and shadow with a refined style, with a sophisticated rhythm that gives elegance to any choice of interior furnishings.

          Photo Credit: Cordivari Srl
          Photo Credit: Cordivari Srl

          Cinque Terre (Winner in HOME (Household Products)/Home Lighting: Outdoor Lighting)

          • Company: cappucciodesignstudio, Thailand
          • Lead Designer: Francesco Cappuccio
          • Client: lumere

            Solar panel integration into lighting design may pose an aesthetic challenge. The Cinque Terre solar-powered lamp cleverly disguises its functionality as a decorative piece, easily becoming a main part of your outdoor décor. The lamp has multiple features, including lighting, a USB station, and even a wireless charger, making it a fun addition to your garden or balcony. Drawing inspiration from the charming villages scattered across the globe, one particularly captivated the designers who decided to name the lamp after it: the picturesque Cinque Terre in the breathtaking region of Liguria, Italy.

            These designs awarded at the European Product Design Awards gave us an excellent peek into the future of home living. They showcase how product design can help create a space that’s not only stylish and comfortable but also sustainable, and tech-savvy, and promotes overall well-being.