IED's Luminous Showcase of Immersive Lighting Design during Miami Art Week

IED’s Luminous Showcase of Immersive Lighting Design during Miami Art Week

Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) – a renowned network of higher education schools specializing in design, fashion, and visual arts – is proud to participate in the first Miami edition of Alcova, taking place during Miami Art Week from December 5-10. Developed by students in IED Milano’s Master Course in Visual Arts for the Digital Age and coordinated by visual artist Martin Romeo, Denoise is an interactive video mapping experience that invites participants to embrace the unknown as an integral part of our existence. Drawing inspiration from Gruppo T (an influential group of Italian cinematic artists in the 1950s), the multi-sensory installation will transform Room 35 of the motel into a theatrical journey, combining volumes, surfaces, and sound over several levels of narration. The project gives value to the concept of noise reduction (denoising), translating the noise itself into a positive action of recognition, tolerance, and artistic appropriation.

IED's Luminous Showcase of Immersive Lighting Design during Miami Art Week

We believe that design (a tool for change) and creativity (the process for innovating) are imbued with curiosity and understanding: they are the basis for solutions, representations and stimuli for interpreting contemporaneity and enhancing lif. We are incredibly excited to participate for the first time in Miami Art Week and present a body of work that invites people to consider the unknown as well as noise (places where questions often arise) as part of our existence. Alcova is an important cultural platform and the perfect setting to share IED’s unique educational approach.

IED Group Dean Riccardo Balbo

With 11 campuses across three countries – Italy, Spain, and Brazil – IED is the largest network of higher education schools in the creative field, maintaining a global outlook and a deeply Italian cultural matrix since 1966. It is an inclusive and multidisciplinary school combining theory with practice and knowledge brought into the classroom by renowned professionals in their respective fields.

An adaptation of the students’ end-of-year project presented in Milan this past September, Denoise is a profound, collective artwork by Daniela Cimarelli, Emma Scarafiotti, Sofia Masiello, Monica Rivolta, Erica Gariboldi, Mattia Solazzo, Ottavio Mannarino, and Kamilla Lucarelli M. Individually the students reinterpret the work of Gruppo T, presenting seven communicative situations – Parallel Languages, Simultaneous Translations, Disharmony, Impossible Dialogues, Barriers, New Silences, and Trespassings – through sculptures, animation and narration. Together, the individual works of each artist become choral, inhabiting the concept of noise and prompting reflection upon everyday situations, human connections, correlations between machines, and interactions between humans and machines.