Matalan Home: Spring Summer 2024

Global Inspirations for a Nature-Infused Living Space

For SS24, Matalan’s Homestore aims to create a sense of harmony in any space. Alexei Cowan, Home Design Manager at Matalan says; ‘For the new season, inspiration comes from tranquil Summer nights, reminiscence of travel and the peacefulness found deep in nature. Key trends Retreat, Casa, Artisan, Indigo, Global, Sorbet and Daydream each capture one’s individual style all providing a calming escape from the chaos of the modern world’. Harmonious colour palettes and natural textures throughout offer a variety of interiors to transform any home for Spring Summer, inside and out. 

Matalan Home: Spring Summer 2024

Coexist and live within nature’s harmony through the Retreat trend. Find balance surrounded by warm wood tones and the raw beauty of wildflowers. Allow nature into your internal environment and awaken amongst your man-made landscape of recycled tufting, viridescent tinted glass and woven basketry. Retreat seeks to balance the equilibrium between humans and our planet. 

Step into Casa to feel at home in a stripped-back and minimalistic setting. A seasonless story is told through the natural tones and primitive blends of Casa, removing clutter and waste to unveil a new perspective on the material. The calming, neutral colours shift focus to the organic shapes, rustic textures and perfectly imperfect patterns. These pieces blend together in great harmony, providing the occupant with a grounded place for quiet reflections. 

Matalan Home: Spring Summer 2024

Artisan encapsulates the heat of summer and the spirit of adventure with warm, pigmented hues accompanied by some bold flashes of lilac and sienna. Artisan is for the traveller, nostalgic feelings are evoked through the carefully crafted textures, materials and patterns. This reminiscent traveller will feel at home amongst the tactile tufting and woven wonders. 

Look to the Indigo trend to explore deep into unchartered lands and tap into spiritual and ancestral traditions. Quiet summer nights and wild nature open up a mysterious atmosphere, this is captured through the deep, mystifying indigo blue shade. The naturally dyed Indigo hue contrasts beautifully against the dry, earthy tones of the unexplored desert. Embrace the decorative imperfections of the rustic and raw finishes, admiring the hand-crafted, Aztec-inspired textures. 

Consider four other trend areas that each give a sense of calm from an alternative perspective. They tap into the ‘Gen Z’ post-modern style allowing ways to express personality through eclectic styles. From the bold colours and patterns of Global to soft pastels and curved accessories of Daydream and Sorbet; every individual’s sense of tranquillity is accounted for.