Gaggenau Unveils the Essential Induction Cooktop

Gaggenau Unveils the Essential Induction Cooktop

Gaggenau, the esteemed luxury brand synonymous with professional-grade home appliances, proudly introduces its latest innovation—the Essential Induction cooktop. Meticulously designed and seamlessly integrated into the kitchen’s worktop, this cutting-edge appliance represents the epitome of freedom, flexibility, and contemporary design for culinary enthusiasts.

Stripped down to its essentials—the LED ‘dot,’ the worktop surface, and the performance knob—the Essential Induction cooktop presents a clear countertop that marries unmatched convenience with aesthetic appeal, transforming the cooking experience into a true architectural masterpiece.

Gaggenau Unveils the Essential Induction Cooktop

Crafted to exclusively integrate with Dekton stone countertops, renowned for their ultra-compact, stain- and scratch-resistant properties, the cooktop is available in 60 finishes, designs, and colors to complement any kitchen style. Gaggenau’s distinctive front-mounted performance knobs guide users seamlessly through the cooking process, while the smart center light, known as ‘the dot,’ within the cooking zone, enhances usability by indicating where to place cookware, warning of residual heat, and discreetly disappearing when not in use. This transforms the cooktop island into a versatile area suitable for preparation, serving, dining, working, and socializing.

In pursuit of efficient cooking, Gaggenau has innovatively developed removable magnetic surface protectors for existing cookware. Not only do these protectors mitigate noise and safeguard the worktop, but they also ensure the conductivity of the induction modules, guaranteeing optimal cooking performance. The Essential Induction cooktop offers full Gaggenau capabilities, including keeping warm and boosting functions, along with an illuminated performance knob in stainless steel or black. When combined with Gaggenau ceiling extractors, the result is a harmonious kitchen environment, especially ideal for open-plan designs.

“It’s about eliminating the boundaries between preparation and living. It offers the ultimate freedom in kitchen planning, which is a revolutionary concept for designers and planners,” said Sven Baacke, Gaggenau’s Head of Design.

“Our longstanding commitment to innovation has often changed the dynamic of cooking. From the first integrated, eye-level appliances, to downdraft ventilation and pioneering steam cooking for the private kitchens, our technological advances have always created genuine human benefits. Today we champion The Essential Induction cooktop, an innovation that will not only change the way people cook but also how they choose to interact and socialise in the modern, open plan kitchen.”

Dr Peter Goetz, Managing Director of Gaggenau

The Essential Induction cooktop is a result of Gaggenau’s dedication to timeless design, craftsmanship and innovation. This addition to their renowned collection of luxury appliances is set to revolutionise the kitchen landscape, empowering users to explore their culinary passions without compromise.