Join Our Exclusive Master Course presented by Sean O. Williams, co-founder of the SOLEcial Studies by OSD a sneaker education program, In New York City

FIT Sport Design Awards and Global Footwear Awards Masterclass: How Sneakers Redefined Luxury and Status

New York icon Sean Williams, a titan in the sneaker world for over three decades, is set to share his expertise in a can’t-miss online masterclass for the Global Footwear Awards (GFA) and FIT Sport Design Awards community. Williams, a pioneer in the sneaker talk show scene and advisor to global brands, brings a wealth of knowledge to this exclusive program.

Titled “How Sneakers Redefined Luxury and Status,” this course will dive into the fascinating journey of sneakers, from their humble beginnings as athletic footwear to their current status as a cultural phenomenon and coveted status symbol. Williams goes beyond design, exploring the broader cultural impact of sneakers, encompassing their usage, evolution, and even sustainability.

The class will begin with an introspective exercise, setting the stage for a thought-provoking exploration of how hip-hop embraced sneakers as a canvas for self-expression. This movement, Williams argues, ultimately reshaped street style and redefined the very concept of luxury.

Space is limited, so register now to secure your spot in this unique learning experience and connect with a community of like-minded individuals!

Masterclass Details

  • Date: Wednesday, May 29th
  • Time: 11:00 AM EDT / 5:00 PM CET
  • Location: Online
  • Registration Link: REGISTER HERE

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a legend and gain valuable insights into the ever-evolving world of sneakers! To learn more about Sean, read our recent interview below.