Photo credit: courtesy of FilzFelt

FilzFelt Introduces New Nature-Inspired Wall Panelling Designs

FilzFelt, an industry leader in sustainable acoustic products that feature 100% Wool Design Felt, proudly introduces Grain and Reeds, two nature-inspired designs, available in over ninety colors of Wool Felt.

Germany-based designer Bernd Benninghoff turned to the foliage of the Canary Islands to inform these fluid, organic designs. The v-grooves that appear in both motifs manipulate light and shadow, creating an effect of subtle movement.

Photo credit: courtesy of FilzFelt
Photo credit: courtesy of FilzFelt

Grain celebrates the variegated details seen in the leaves and bark of the flora indigenous to the Islands.

Photo credit: courtesy of FilzFelt
Photo credit: courtesy of FilzFelt

Reeds, inspired by the local plant life, mimics the swaying of sturdy grasses.

Grain and Reeds bring the outside in, delivering both a natural and organic quality to any setting.

Easily installed with a direct-glue application, Grain and Reeds designs are available in endless color combinations: pair one of ninety colors of pure wool felt with one of three shades of grey Akustika substrate, or layer two colors of 100% Wool Design Felt, with the base color revealed through the undulating v-grooves.

Key Features

Composition: 100% Wool Design Felt (100% biodegradable and compostable) and Akustika 10 substrate (contains 60% post-consumer recycled content and is 100% recyclable)
Colors: 95
Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC): 0.50
Environmental/Sustainability: Living Building Challenge Criteria Compliant, Oeko-Tex© Standard 100 Certified Product Class II, meets VOC test limits for the CDPH v1.2 method, Prop 65 Compliant
Installation: Installs easily as a direct glue application

“The large, floor-to-ceiling felt panels with their organically curved lines, reminiscent of wooden structures and plants, bring a sense of natural surfaces and structures to interiors.”

Bernd Benninghoff, designer of Grain and Reeds

About Bernd Benninghoff

Bernd Benninghoff is a furniture designer and interior architect in Mainz, Germany. Since 2000, he has developed furniture as well as room and exhibition concepts for international clients. For Bernd, objects and spatial context are interrelated. It is important for him to use authentic materials and appropriate manufacturing processes— in search of meaningful design solutions and room experiences with an independent character. As a Professor at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz, he teaches in the field of material technology and leads design projects on bachelor and master level—in exchange with students, colleagues and interdisciplinary project partners. The project series “Material as Design Impulse”, which has been continuously implemented since 2009, is the focus of his applied materials research. The changing activities as a designer and university teacher are mutually dependent, allow inspiring changes of perspective.

About FilzFelt

FilzFelt is an industry leader in sustainable acoustic products that feature 100% Wool Design Felt, available in over ninety colors. Collaborating with talented designers worldwide, FilzFelt combines high-performing materials and craftsmanship to create architectural products that are both highly customizable and sustainable. FilzFelt uses the natural fiber wool, harvested from sheep. Sheep’s wool is regarded for its crimped, elastic fibers that are easily felted to form a fabric that cannot be pulled apart. This translates into durability, excellent dyeability, resistance to flame and compression, and thermal and sound insulation.