BESPOKE AI™ Washer & Dryer Combo

Experience the Future of Laundry with the BESPOKE AI™ Washer & Dryer Combo

BESPOKE AI™ Washer & Dryer Combo with Digital Inverter Heat Pump technology was revealed at IFA 2023 in Berlin, Germany. The goal of the model is to eliminate the hassle of transferring laundry from the washing machine to the dryer. It also completes laundry loads in just one step. The washer and dryer device combines a 25kg large washing capacity with a 13kg heat pump drying capability and it is backed by intelligent functions to give consumers more flexibility.

The model allows users to save space in their homes as it takes up less space than installing two machines. Consumers who are also looking to utilize their living space in other ways can take advantage of this model. Its simple and flat BESPOKE design blends well with the interior of the home space as well as any other appliances and pieces of furniture.

Furthermore, the features of the model are designed to give users a more holistic experience. When consumers start the machine, they can control it more intuitively and select the course of washing and drying easily through the Wide LCD display. The display also shows informative reports at the end of the cycle for users’ reference.

Another important feature of the appliance is fabric detection. The washer and dryer combination detects the weight and the softness of the fabric. Using this information, it continually adjusts the soaking, rinsing, and spinning time to achieve the best results quickly and efficiently.

Once a washing cycle is completed, the door automatically opens to the user can’t take out the laundry with less effort. It also lets out humid air and heat while bringing fresh air into the drum. The machine comes with a Heat Exchanger Auto Cleaning System which effectively preserves the quality of the drying. It also supports AI Energy Mode in SmartThings Energy, available on Android and iOS devices.

The touch display of the appliance enables easy, intuitive control of complex settings. Moreover, because the washer and the dyer share over 30% of their parts. Therefore, combining appliances reduces manufacturing resources, aligning with brand sustainability efforts, and highlighting product innovation.

The BESPOKE AI Washer Dryer Combo has won the iF Design Award, a major seal of design excellence around the world.