Embracing the Spirit of Sport at adidas' Touchdown Global Sourcing Office

Embracing the Spirit of Sport at adidas’ Touchdown Global Sourcing Office

When you step into “Touchdown,” the adidas global sourcing office, you instantly find yourself in a world where sport isn’t just a pastime – it’s a way of life. This unique space captures the essence of athleticism and competition, all while creating an environment that is both functional and captivating.

The entryway of the office is designed to make an impact. As you walk in, it’s like entering the field of a sports arena through the players’ tunnel. This sets the tone for what is ahead – a space that takes its commitment to sport seriously. The central pitch is a multipurpose area that invites engagement – moveable bleachers provide a point for audiences to cheer on participants. And just like in any professional sports setting, business-class shower facilities are thoughtfully integrated, allowing players to cool down and maintain their hygiene.

Embracing the Spirit of Sport at adidas' Touchdown Global Sourcing Office

The office space effectively utilizes primary colors to define different zones. This not only creates a visually appealing environment but also aids in wayfinding. Mesh or acoustic panel ceilings mark the main walkways, guiding individuals through the space. Meanwhile, the floor design cleverly emulates the markings of a running track, subtly reinforcing the theme of sport.

A standout feature is the creative use of functional art pieces that celebrate adidas’ commitment to its location, history, and industry. Repurposed wood comes to life as a map of Hong Kong, with each building highlighted. This cartographic wonder is overlaid with a metallic outline of the world, signifying the brand’s global presence. A dynamic mural captures the vibrancy of the city’s sporting landscape and pays homage to iconic events.

Embracing the Spirit of Sport at adidas' Touchdown Global Sourcing Office

Even the most unexpected items find a purpose here. Nail and string art, typically a traditional craft, is reimagined using surplus shoelaces – a fitting tribute to the brand’s essence. And a monumental frieze stands tall, adorned with sporting archetypes crafted from upcycled sneaker manufacturing dies. These elements infuse the space with character and story.

Embracing the Spirit of Sport at adidas' Touchdown Global Sourcing Office

The brilliance of the Touchdown office’s design owes much to the creative minds behind it. Led by Yvonne CHOW, the design team at Envisione Studio Limited transformed abstract concepts into tangible reality. Designers Quentin TABLEAU, Kasey TANG, Connie LEUNG, Ivan CHAN, and Eric LEGERE collectively contributed their expertise, bringing to life a space that truly resonates with adidas’ spirit.

“Touchdown” isn’t just another office; it’s a manifestation of the sporting spirit. Every corner, every design choice, and every art piece contributes to an environment that embodies the essence of athleticism. This isn’t about mere recreation – it’s a bold declaration of dedication to sport and the values it represents.

In this space, adidas has woven a narrative that goes beyond aesthetics. It’s a narrative of inspiration, innovation, and unapologetic passion for sport. The Touchdown global sourcing office stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence and its ability to turn a workspace into a stage for sporting greatness.

Photo Credits: Roy Esterhuysen, and Scott Brooks