Elevate Home Décor with Prabal Gurung’s Rugs

For a quarter of a century, Rugs USA has helped its customers turn spaces into homes.  The company has now announced an exclusive collection in collaboration with award-winning fashion designer Prabal Gurung. The new collections will feature 28 new designs in a range of sizes and price points.

The vision of the collection is the West meeting the East. It shows Prabal’s love of Nepal and New York City. Being an expert in modern luxury, he promises to deliver quality to the market. Prabal’s collection for Rugs USA showcases his sense of color, patterning, and texture, and translates it into beautiful rug designs. Each piece reflects his unique perspective and celebrates the beauty of heritage, individuality, and diverse cultures.

For this collaboration with Rugs USA, I took inspiration from two concepts – my homeland, Nepal, and the place where I found myself, New York. Blending Nepal’s mysticism and magic with New York’s pragmatism, we created a line of rugs that are colorful, textural, and vibrant, but also play beautifully with neutrals. I’m so excited for customers to be able to style and live with these pieces in their homes,” says Gurung.

Photo credit: Rugs USA

The collection offers a wide range of stunning styles to suit every aesthetic. They range from geometric motifs to impressionistic floral patterns. Moreover, the crafting of the collection has been done with the utmost attention to detail to ensure durability and comfortability. The assortment features wool, synthetic fibres, and natural fibres like jute. It also includes styles made with machine-washable fabrics for those who want to enjoy Prabal’s designs but need the flexibility of washability.

We’ve long admired Prabal Gurung not only for his incredible designs but also for his advocacy work and the ways in which he celebrates the beauty of his homeland. We’re proud to help bring his vision to life. We’re inspired by the intersection of fashion and interiors and know our customers want their homes to be an expression of their personal style, just as much as the clothing they wear,” says Alyssa Steele, CEO of Rugs USA.

Rugs USA’s exclusive collaboration with Prabal Gurung promises to redefine the way we think about interior design. It’s not just about furnishing a space; it’s about curating an experience that reflects your individuality and celebrates the beauty of diverse cultures. Explore this unique collection and let your home become a masterpiece in its own right.