SaloneSatellite 2023. Photo Ludovica Mangini. © Salone del Mobile.Milano

Discover Your Design Destination with D5’s New Events Guide Page

SaloneSatellite 2023. Photo Ludovica Mangini. © Salone del Mobile.Milano

Navigating design events just got easier! For professionals in architecture, interior, industrial, furniture, and lighting design, the struggle to find the right events that ignite creativity has been real. The solution? Introducing the D5 Design Events Guide Page.

Design professionals often find themselves lost, sifting through countless options to identify events that align with their goals. The challenge lies not only in discovering these events but also in ensuring they uphold the high standards of excellence, diversity, and sustainability. To tackle this issue, we have created the D5 Events Guide—a dedicated page designed to simplify your event discovery process.

D5 Magazine invites everyone passionate about design to contribute to our vibrant community. Share your design events and fairs with us, whether it’s an avant-garde furniture exhibition, a cutting-edge industrial design showcase, or an enlightening interior design fair. Head to our SUBMIT page, provide the necessary details, and let your creativity shine. We welcome a diverse range of design-related events, from intimate workshops to grand fairs. Regardless of your experience level, this is your chance to connect with like-minded professionals and enthusiasts who share your passion for design excellence, diversity, and sustainability.

By becoming a part of the D5 community, you not only showcase your event but also immerse yourself in a network that celebrates the limitless possibilities of design. Imagine the impact your event could have when highlighted on a platform dedicated to promoting socially responsible and environmentally conscious projects.

Having a reliable guide to navigate events is crucial. The D5 Events Guide page is your go-to resource to stay informed, inspired, and connected. Submit your event, explore incredible design showcases, and let D5 Magazine be your compass as you embark on your next design adventure!