Design Meets Emotion in Sculptural Works

Design Meets Emotion in Sculptural Works

Sveta Kletina isn’t your average footwear designer. Sure, she’s spent two decades crafting beautiful, custom-made luxury shoes. But for Kletina, shoes are more than just fashion; they’re a jumping-off point, a way to explore the deeper themes of human connection. Now, she’s taken that exploration a step further, transitioning from footwear to the creation of captivating leather sculptures.

Kletina sees footwear as a “cultural phenomenon,” a reflection of our inner selves. This philosophy is evident in her shift towards sculptures. Here, she can fully indulge her passion for leatherwork, pushing the boundaries of the material and its ability to express complex emotions. Each sculpture is a story waiting to be unravelled, a visual narrative designed to evoke a range of feelings.

Design Meets Emotion in Sculptural Works

Kletina’s sculptures delve into the complexities of human relationships. “Atlas,” for example, depicts the asymmetrical nature of love. One figure, symbolizing unwavering support, carries the weight of the relationship, much like the mythical Atlas carrying the world on his shoulders. This poignant piece reminds us of the importance of balance and reciprocity in love.

Bond” explores a different facet of connection. Here, two figures stand in perfect equilibrium, representing a relationship built on empathy and vulnerability. The raw, exposed nature of the figures emphasizes the importance of authenticity and mutual respect in creating a lasting bond.

Design Meets Emotion in Sculptural Works

Coexistence” tackles a more challenging theme: the question of whether to stay in a stagnant relationship or embrace the unknown path of solitude. This sculpture, a tangle of raw leather and goatskin, embodies the struggle of a companionship that has lost its spark. It compels us to question whether familiarity is enough, or if growth and self-discovery lie beyond the comfort zone.

Kletina’s sculptures are more than just art; they’re invitations to explore the depths of human connection. Through her masterful use of leather and her keen understanding of human emotions, she creates thought-provoking pieces that resonate with viewers on a personal level. Join Sveta Kletina on this artistic journey, and discover the stories waiting to be told within the folds of her captivating sculptures.

Photo Credit: French JU