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de Sede Puts Seating Design in Motion

Thanks to refined technology, the new DS-888 Collina, created by the Swiss company de Sede, is the pinnacle of flexible design. The modular seating landscape can be used anywhere, elevating design, functionality, and ergonomics to a completely new level. The highlight of the DS-888 Collina is the innovative backrests, which can be moved in all directions thanks to a newly developed and patented function. Elegant elements that lie over the backrests serve as headrests. They can be comfortably adjusted in height and adapted to the needs of a dynamic lifestyle. The seating design is reminiscent of the gentle Swiss Alpine foothills.

The DS-888 Collina is aesthetically pleasing with its different leather qualities as well as outside with its numerous textile applications. The high-quality materials and excellent workmanship ensure not just durability and comfort but also seamless integration into any space – living rooms, patios, and by the pool.

A co-creation that sets the bar, the extraordinary seating design is the product of another collaboration between de Sede and the designer collective atelier oï.

“With the DS-888 Collina, we wanted to redefine the limits of what is possible with modular design and achieve a seating landscape that stands out with its versatility, ergonomics, and sophisticated aesthetics,”

says Monika Walser, CEO of de Sede.

According to Walser, the decision to present a single article at the most important international furniture fair this year demonstrates a clear commitment: “A single iconic article awaits visitors, and it will get the undivided attention it deserves.

Photo Credits: de Sede @de_Sede_official
Claudia Knoepfel @claudia_knoepfel @tinaaich @meta_campania_collective