Concéntrico 2024: A Decade of Reimagining Public Space in Logroño (April 25th - May 1st)

Concéntrico 2024: A Decade of Reimagining Public Space in Logroño (April 25th – May 1st)

Nestled in the heart of Spain’s La Rioja region, Logroño is transforming its urban landscape through the visionary lens of Concéntrico, the International Festival of Architecture and Design. Since 2015, this annual event has served as a vibrant platform for architects, designers, and citizens to collectively reimagine the city’s public spaces.

Concéntrico is an experiment, a dialogue, and a catalyst for change. Through a captivating blend of installations, exhibitions, and activities, the festival compels us to see the familiar with fresh eyes. Over 100 interventions, crafted by a global pool of talent, have graced Logroño’s streets, squares, and hidden corners. These temporary structures spark conversations, challenge perceptions, and ultimately, strengthen the community’s bond with its environment.

Concéntrico 2024: A Decade of Reimagining Public Space in Logroño (April 25th - May 1st)

This year’s edition, from April 25th to May 1st, 2024, marks a momentous decade for Concéntrico. The theme? A glimpse into the future of cities. The festival promises a dynamic program featuring 20 interventions, each pushing the boundaries of urban design. Imagine public spaces teeming with life, courtesy of renaturalization projects. Witness the urban kiosk transformed into a vibrant celebration of the city itself. Encounter innovative concepts like benches that inspire movement or housing reimagined under the watchful gaze of a historic statue. Concéntrico masterfully blends the real and the unreal, inviting us to contemplate every day in entirely new ways.

The festival’s impact extends far beyond the ephemeral installations. Concéntrico fosters a spirit of collaboration, weaving a network of partnerships with local schools and cultural institutions. This year, a captivating social program takes centre stage. Two exceptional projects, led by renowned French designer Matali Crasset and Spanish artist Maider López, will be implemented in 20 educational centres across Spain throughout the coming school year.

Concéntrico’s legacy is etched not just in the physical transformations it brings about, but also in the collective consciousness it awakens. It’s a testament to the power of design to foster community, spark dialogue, and shape the future of our cities, one inspired intervention at a time.