The Future Is Bright: A modular jumpsuit, top and shorts crafted using cycora® regenerated polyester walk the Paris Fashion Week runway

Circular Materials Take Center Stage in TOMBOGO x cycora® Collaboration

In a groundbreaking moment for the fashion industry, circular materials innovator Ambercycle announces its collaboration with designer Tommy Bogo at Paris Fashion Week. The partnership introduces the TOMBOGO™ x cycora® collection, featuring a three-piece modular collection crafted using cycora® regenerated canvas. This collection marks the first-ever garments at Paris Fashion Week to incorporate circular polyester, highlighting the potential of innovative circular materials in high-fashion creations.

The collaboration, part of Bogo’s S/S 2024 ready-to-wear collection titled “The Future is Bright,” showcases the seamless integration of style and circularity. Ambercycle’s cycora® regenerated polyester offers designers a sustainable alternative that upholds high-quality standards while demonstrating a commitment to environmental sustainability. By minimizing raw material extraction, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and diverting materials from landfills, cycora® provides designers with an environmentally responsible material option.

Designer Tommy Bogo expresses enthusiasm for working with cycora® fabric, highlighting its seamless integration into the design and production process. The fabric effortlessly fits into the creative vision, demonstrating that sustainable materials can meet the demands of the fashion industry without compromising aesthetics.

The TOMBOGO x cycora® collaboration sets a new standard for designers, showcasing how circularity can be seamlessly integrated into the creative process. By making sustainable material choices and designing multi-functional garments, designers empower customers to maximize the value derived from each piece. This collaboration aligns with Ambercycle’s vision for a fashion industry where circular materials form the foundation of all garments, from performance wear to high-fashion creations.

By bridging the gap between sustainability and design, the TOMBOGO x cycora® collaboration represents a significant step forward in the industry’s journey toward a more circular and environmentally responsible future. As circular materials gain traction and recognition within high-fashion circles, it paves the way for further innovation and adoption of sustainable practices throughout the fashion industry.