Kimpton Canary Hotel

California Cool Meets Spanish Revival in Hotel Design

A stunning blend of tradition and luxury, the Kimpton Canary Hotel in Santa Barbara’s downtown, was recently honored with the Interior Design Hotel – Midscale & Lifestyle at the LIV Hospitality Design Awards 2022. This architectural gem represents a collaborative effort by Beleco, AGI architects, and PWI Construction, with lead designer Christian Schnyder successfully capturing the essence of the city’s architectural history, creating a haven that combines classic design with modern comfort.

Kimpton Canary Hotel

The hotel draws inspiration from Santa Barbara’s favored architectural style, the Spanish Revival. With its beautiful arches, hand-painted ceramic tiles, and rustic wood and Saltillo tile floors, the building resonates with authenticity. The exterior invites guests to step back in time, all while enjoying the convenience of contemporary amenities. This attention to detail extends into each guestroom, where carefully chosen eclectic furnishings create an inviting atmosphere. The four-poster bed steals the spotlight, offering guests a luxurious retreat after a day of exploration.

Santa Barbara, a beloved destination for weekend getaways, is synonymous with a laid-back atmosphere that the Kimpton Canary Hotel effortlessly captures. The design reflects an urban resort feel, perfect for those seeking a California Riviera experience. The chosen materials and colors exude a chic ambiance, staying true to the relaxed yet sophisticated vibe synonymous with the Kimpton brand.

The developer Xenia Hospitality aimed to create more than just accommodation; they envisioned an experience tailored for those who appreciate a blend of historical charm and contemporary comfort. The hotel is a testament to the commitment to crafting spaces that resonate with local culture, offering an unforgettable stay for visitors.

With its Spanish Revival-inspired architecture, thoughtfully curated interiors, and a nod to California cool, the hotel provides a unique blend of tradition and modernity. As the recipient of the LIV Hospitality Design Award, it not only sets the standard for midscale and lifestyle interior design but also cements its status as an iconic destination for those seeking a romantic getaway in the picturesque surroundings of Santa Barbara.

Kimpton Canary Hotel

Photo Credit: Hamilton/Schulte