Brazil to Showcase Natural Stone at KBIS 2024

Brazil to Showcase the Excellence of its Natural Stone at KBIS 2024

In architecture and interior design, natural stones are part of the biophilia concept, a way of bringing the environment into urban spaces, promoting well-being, emotional comfort, and a sense of relaxation. Transmitting these feelings and recognized for centuries for their energetic properties, stones contribute to the creation of balanced and serene environments.

At KBIS 2024, the main North American event for kitchen and bathroom design taking place in Las Vegas from February 27 to 29, Brazil will reveal the full potential of its materials for those seeking not only aesthetic beauty but also quality, uniqueness, harmony, and emotional comfort provided by natural stones. Brazilian participation will occur through “It’s Natural – Brazilian Natural Stone,” an export incentive program developed by the Brazilian Center of Natural Stones Exporters (Centrorochas), in partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil).

Brazil to Showcase Natural Stone at KBIS 2024
Margramar (Divulgação Centrorochas)

The power of stones for well-being is advocated by many scholars in the field. The presence of these minerals creates a visually pleasant environment, contributing to a sense of tranquility and well-being. With over 1,200 distinct types of natural stones, architecture and interior design find in Brazil the epicenter of materials such as marble, granite, quartzite, and slate. “Using natural stones in construction allows bringing the essence of nature into spaces, promoting tranquility, well-being, and a unique aesthetic. Each stone has its uniqueness, similar to a fingerprint, something provided only by natural materials,” says Tales Machado, president of Centrorochas.

Generating a significant impact that is widely replicated in various cultures and markets, the architecture, design, and fashion of the USA serve as a global inspiration. Brazil stands as the largest supplier of natural stones to the country, standing out for its geological diversity and the quality of materials offered. “It is remarkable how much the demand for materials and styles originating in the United States influences the local market and sets global standards,” added Tales Machado.

The energy of stones at home

Known for tuning vibrations and enhancing energies, natural stones have been gaining prominence among architects and designers. Through biophilia, representing the human inclination to interact and connect with other forms of life in nature, this concept emphasizes how humans thrive when immersed in natural environments. In addition to adding a touch of beauty to the space, natural stones also contribute to a more balanced and serene environment.

Their use in different rooms is a common practice:

– Kitchen: More than just a meeting point, it is where the transformation of food and vital energy occurs. The use of natural stones ensures practicality and beauty while contributing to the harmony and circulation of energy in this environment. Stones are also recommended for hot environments, such as barbecue cladding, as they are resistant to the heat produced by fire and fats from meats.

– Bathroom: The functional environment can be allied with the beauty of marble, for example, to make the place exclusive for well-being and self-care. The practicality of cleaning natural stones is another highlight.

– Living room: The use of granites or quartzites, for example, can promote a sense of warmth and connection with nature.

– Bedroom: The chosen materials can stimulate inner peace and harmony in relationships.

– Garden: Nature and energy need to go hand in hand. The use of natural stones is highly recommended for both indoor and outdoor environments.

– Entrance hall: Natural stones can be arranged to welcome visitors with tranquility and clarity.

– Facades: Resistant to weather conditions, natural stones are recommended for use in facades. In addition to defining the surroundings, external coatings such as granites, slates, and quartzites serve as protection and “filter” the energy entering the environment.

Companies exhibiting within the It’s Natural booth at KBIS 2024: Adria Brasil, A.M.Group, Apollo, Cajugram, Decolores, Gramazini, Granos, Imetame Natural Stones, Magban, Margramar, Milanezi, Mineral Stone, Monte Negro, Nova Aurora, Pemagran, Qualitá Group, Rocha Bahia Mineração, Santo Antonio Stones, Vermont Mineração, Vitoria Stone Group and Zucchi Luxury Stones.