BLT Built Design Awards Gala 2023: D5 Mag Presents the Architectural Event of the Year

Tonight marks a pivotal moment as we eagerly anticipate the grandeur of the BLT Built Design Awards Gala 2023. As proud media partners, D5 Mag invites our readers to dive into the architectural celebration of the year.

The BLT Built Design Awards Gala celebrates the creativity of designers who push the boundaries. Stay tuned on their Instagram @bltdesignawards for an exclusive look at the ceremony.

At the heart of this event is the stunning KKL Luzern, an architectural gem by Lake Luzern in Switzerland. The French architect Jean Nouvel designed the KKL Luzern and built it according to his plans between 1995 and 2000. His Jean Nouvel practice in Paris is active throughout the world. His projects include museums, convention centres, concert halls, prestigious office buildings and residential buildings. Nouvel is one of the leading architects of our time. In June 2008, in Washington D.C., he was awarded the Pritzker Prize. Awarded for the thirtieth time, this is the highest award available to architects and is regarded as the ‘Nobel Prize for Architecture’.

Tonight’s Gala is not just an awards ceremony; it’s an immersive experience in the world of design innovation. The KKL Luzern is the perfect backdrop for acknowledging outstanding contributions to architecture.

As we express our gratitude for being part of this significant event, D5 Mag remains committed to showcasing the transformative power of design. The BLT Built Design Awards Gala aligns with our mission to inspire, innovate, and explore possibilities within the world of design.

Whether you’re someone who loves architecture, a seasoned design professional, or simply curious about design, make sure to virtually attend the BLT Built Design Awards Gala 2023. Here’s to a night of architectural brilliance and the ongoing pursuit of design excellence.