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An Urban Festival with a Mission to Inspire Dialogue: DW! São Paulo Design Week, March 14-24, 2024

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In its 13th edition, the festival lasts 11 days, with two full weekends that offer new possibilities for all audiences to take advantage of the intense agenda of each event during DW! São Paulo Design Week. The event is going to start on March 14, 2024, and will last until March 24, 2024.

The DW! São Paulo Design Week is an urban festival that aims to promote design culture and its connections. During this 10-day festival topics such as architecture, art, urban planning, social inclusion, and other themes are voices and taken into account. This is a festival aimed at everyone – from people passionate about design to students and professionals in architecture, decoration, interior design, engineers, builders, businesspeople, curators, creatives, and artists from the most diverse areas. Many events offer free access to visitors.

An Urban Festival with a Mission to Inspire Dialogue: DW! São Paulo Design Week, March 14-24, 2024

This year’s Design Week brings a visual identity that works as a guiding thread inspiring and navigating new dialogues. Designed by architect, graphic designer, and educator Maria Claudia Levy Figliolino, the art is inspired by the rivers that founded the city and were decisive for its expansion. Today invisible, waters are the guiding thread of the Design Week campaign. This is the first time in which an institutional communication theme’s visual identity is intended to inspire other perspectives on São Paulo.

The city has a map of natural waters as extensive and complex as that of streets and avenues. Getting to know these invisible rivers and streams is a way of understanding history, building solutions, and thinking about the future of the city, always with the vision of design on the horizon of ideas. The city’s hydrographic cartography was one of the starting points for the development of the visual identity, as DW! São Paulo Design Week takes place during the period in which World Water Day is celebrated, on March 22nd.

In addition to the waters, another inspiration was Brazilianness, which translated into the visual concept of the campaign in the form of curves and vibrant colors. These elements bring a lot of modernism and, especially, the landscaping of great names like Roberto Burle-Marx, in addition to representing fluidity, dynamism, and life, in a modern and organic vision of design.

More than a theme, thinking about these invisible and essential waters in São Paulo has an educational and constructive approach that connects to the festival’s universe of themes, such as design, urbanism, architecture, art, creative economy, innovation, and technology. In this edition, DW! invites you to find other perspectives on the city, its spaces, its stories, and natural resources, proposing a reflection on the future.

Lauro Andrade, creator and CEO of DW! São Paulo Design Week

One of the main events at the DW! São Paulo Design Week is the Design 2×2 Exhibition. The public will have the chance to see incredible exhibitions and installations by brands, professionals, and young talents, as well as discover the work of Simone Micheli, revealed as Designer of the Year.

Practical information for visitors

For the people coming from other cities, they should try and book accommodation and tickets at least 40 days before the trip. Travelers are advised to check the weather forecast and pack wisely. The events at the festival are different and can be both paid or free, open, or segmented. Between the different events, it is interesting to explore the gastronomy of São Paulo. Lastly, it would be wise to have an agenda and be on top of all events so you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.