An Exclusive Peek into Casting J. Adams & Co's Lighting Collection

An Exclusive Peek into Casting J. Adams & Co’s Lighting Collection

Renowned for their meticulously handmade luminaires in the heart of Birmingham, boasting over fifty years of metalworking mastery, J. Adams & Co is more than a lighting manufacturer. It’s a symbol of refined quality and timeless sophistication, illuminating spaces with unparalleled artistry.

Now, get ready to be spellbound by their latest revelation – Tor, an outdoor collection that not only pushes boundaries but takes you behind the scenes into the very heart of the creative process.

A new direction for J. Adams & Co, Tor is the first collection to explore the decorative capabilities of metal casting. This centuries-old process starts by creating a mould into which molten brass is poured, taking shape as it cools. The cast pieces are then removed, refined and finished to exacting standards.

“At J. Adams & Co, we pride ourselves on blending traditional craftsmanship with innovative design, and the Tor collection is a true embodiment of that.”

Will Earl, Design Director

Tor ensures reliable, long-lasting illumination that can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors, with an IP65 rating as standard. Available as a down or up-and-down version, greater flexibility is provided, allowing you to choose the best configuration to suit your specific requirements.

Casting both an upward and downward illumination, Tor Up/Down beautifully washes the wall with light. When lit, Tor reveals the subtle textures and patterns of the wall, creating a decorative play of light and shadow. The two LED light sources not only offer directional light but also indirectly illuminate the surrounding space, providing an ambient glow.

The Tor Down casts a stunning downward illumination that is perfect for lighting pathways, steps and corridors. This version can also be used to accentuate architectural features, bringing both the wall and space to life.