A New Haven for Lighting Designers Opens in Athens

A New Haven for Lighting Designers Opens in Athens

A new hub for design lovers has emerged in Greece, adding another layer to Athens’ rich history of design. IFI Lighting, a leading player in the lighting industry, has recently opened its doors to a brand-new showroom. This exciting development marks a significant milestone in IFI Lighting’s journey of transforming lighting solutions.

Situated at Kyprou 10, in Irakleio Attikis, Athens, Greece, the showroom is a modern haven showcasing IFI Lighting’s latest cutting-edge lighting fixtures. These fixtures are not just about illuminating spaces but are crafted to uplift them with sophistication, functionality, and style. IFI Lighting’s approach to lighting design goes beyond functionality; it aims to inspire and evoke emotions, breathing life into every corner.

Alongside the unveiling of the new showroom, IFI Lighting has also introduced a refreshed brand identity. This rebranding effort reflects the company’s growth and its vision for the future. By staying at the forefront of industry trends while upholding its core values of quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, IFI Lighting reaffirms its commitment to excellence.

“The opening of our new showroom and the rebranding of IFI Lighting represent a significant milestone for us,” said George Anagnostakis, Creative Director at IFI Lighting. “We are thrilled to provide our customers with an immersive experience, allowing them to explore our extensive range of lighting solutions firsthand. Our refreshed brand identity reaffirms our commitment to delivering unparalleled quality and service, while embracing innovation and design excellence.”

“We are overwhelmed by the positive response to our new showroom and rebranding efforts,” added Nikolas Anagnostakis, Managing Director at IFI Lighting. “This event would not have been possible without the dedication of our team and the continued support of our valued customers and partners. We look forward to welcoming new projects and inspiring them with our innovative lighting solutions.”