Elk Range Overlook Residence

A Modern Marvel of Alpine Architecture in Aspen

Photo credit: Draper White Photography

Located outside Aspen, Colorado overlooking the Roaring Fork Valley, Elk Range Overlook is a modern interpretation of alpine architecture. A labor of time and love, this custom home offers a comfortable atmosphere for its residents with a lighting design that focuses on revealing the magnificent nature around.

Designed as the owner’s year-round primary residence, this home eschews accents typically found in mountain architecture, focusing on the richness of natural materials such as wood and stone. Elise Streeb, the lead designer of the project, creates a blend of visual and spatial elements that connect the interior and the landscape beyond.

Multiple roof heights and textures as well as ample skylights bring balance and ingenuity to the lighting design. The overlapping roof structures and wood beam ceilings required precise placement and close coordination with trades.

The commitment to investment in the name of experience is visible in the details and efforts throughout the home. This starts from an LED sheet lighting solution to a massive natural store in the powder room that seems to glow from within. Moreover, lighting for this home complements rather than competes with nature. Warm and subtle, the focal point is the main entry, while large, operable glass walls open the home to the outdoors. It reveals a custom-crafter stream seemingly running under the home before winding toward the elegant entertaining space.

For this residence, the utilization of an all-LED lighting package and the installation of lighting controls were used to maximize efficiency and sustainability. A robust lighting system empowers the residents to manage their energy use.

The project is a joint effort between CCY Architects and Ceres+ Landscape Architects who seek to preserve and enhance the existing natural landscape. For years an exercise in helping one family achieve their long-held vision, this unique collaboration is at last serving as a beloved forever home for its owners. Another one of the collaborators in this project is LS Group. As an independent lighting design company, they believe that the best results come not just from great design but also from the efforts of a good team.

The Elk Range Overlook Residence is the winner of the Residential Lighting Design prize of the LIT Lighting Design Awards.