Bosques Golf Club Apartment

A Glimpse into Mexico City’s Modern Residency

The Bosques Golf Club Apartment stands as a manifestation of creativity and ingenuity, where each design decision becomes the key to unlocking a singular masterpiece. Within its walls, shapes and materials engage in a free and timeless dance, sculpting an environment that beautifully converges tradition and modernity.

Bosques Golf Club Apartment

Taking contemporary architecture as its starting point, this project draws inspiration from elements that bestow its own unique identity and distinctive character. From the moment one steps into the lobby, members, and visitors are seamlessly guided toward the social areas that form the beating heart of Club de Golf Bosques.

The connection between these areas, facilitated by the lobby, goes beyond mere circulation; it enriches the experience of those who inhabit it. The lobby transforms into a meeting point, a space filled with anticipation and expectations, where memorable moments are forged before immersing oneself in the social areas.

The living room, conceived as a haven for relaxation and interaction, radiates a welcoming ambiance. Thoroughly executed details, characteristic of Taller David Dana‘s architecture, provide a space to enjoy the company of friends and family, creating a sanctuary within the apartment.

Moving into the dining room, it presents itself as a stage where gastronomy becomes a sensory delight—a perfect setting for sharing special moments. A monumental dining table for 14 people unfolds across the area, an exquisite piece curated in neutral tones, harmonizing with the wooden texture of another defining element of Taller David Dana: the shelf.

Bosques Golf Club Apartment

This architectural element visually crowns the space, unfolding along the wall that divides common areas from the private zone, resulting in a functional and aesthetically valuable feature. Laden with carefully selected art pieces, sculptures, and books exclusively curated for this project by Asociación Arquitectura, the shelf invites a closer, more personal, and deeper interaction with the space.

In Bosques, light plays a transcendental role, representing meticulously worked tones and textures in this project. Upon entering the space, light breathes life into the materials and colors enveloping it—wood finishes, light-toned floor coverings, and perfectly crafted curatorial accents create a unique and pleasurable visual experience.

Lead architect David Dana Cohen showcases not only a commitment to innovation but a strict attention to detail. Photographs captured by Raúl Hernandez vividly illustrate the thoughtful interplay of light and form within the 452.87 m2 space. Situated in Lomas de Vista Hermosa, Mexico City, this architectural gem reached completion in the year 2023, solidifying its place as a timeless symbol of creativity and excellence.

Photo Credit: Raúl Hernandez